A little about me…


My name is Ashley and I want to thank you for stopping by. It is my goal not only to perform the best massage experience you have and will ever have, but to inform and educate. I love what I do and want the best for you and your wellness. I have been licensed since 2005. However, I have never been my own boss. Although a daunting decision, I have been blessed with an beautiful place to rent, two other therapists who have been very supportive and helpful, and best of all, excellent clients. Thank you for helping my dream become a reality.

A little about me…I am a mom of three beautiful children and a wife to an amazing husband. My kids, Jade (12), Albert (8) and Rex (5) are the happiest part of my day. They make me laugh and are one of the best reminders of how blessed I am. My husband and I are high school sweet hearts. He is also my best friend and a master builder.


My hobbies include CRAFTS, CRAFTS and more CRAFTS. Thanks to Pinterest they never end at my house. Once again, super thankful I have Albert, my hubby, who assists in numerous projects. He is even teaching me how to use his power tools!! This week I am chalk painting our dining room chairs and reupolstering them. We are also fixing up a side table I found on the side of the road…next to the chairs I brought home. Super hubby made a drop down box so I can turn it into a succulent garden. A few other things I love to do are sew, bake, scrap book, sit with my feet in the ocean sand and travel.


I hope you enjoyed visiting and getting to know me better. I want to do the same with you. You are not just another number. I take the time you need and deserve. Our session does not end when your massage does. Keep in contact with me via phone, text or email.


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