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Gua Sha

What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is a healing technique commonly used by Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners for an array of illnesses. A smooth instrument, such as a spoon, gua sha tool or coin, is stroked on the area of pain. The belief is that stagnant blood creates pain. To release stagnation and create a harmonious flow, Gua Sha is applied and may create redness, echymosis (bruising), white patches and even a green tint. Each color, Sha, represents issues within the body, such as stagnation of blood, not enough blood flow, or a build of toxins. With each (Gua) stroke blood vessels will open up so blood cells can move freely. The better the blood flow, the more oxygen flows and the body can heal itself better.

Who should get Gua Sha?

Anyone can benefit from Gua Sha. It is good for new and old injuries. It is commonly used on the back, shoulder, face, neck, hips and legs. If unsure consult with your doctor.

What to expect?

An oil will be applied to the area to be worked on. A gua sha tool will be used to induce vasodialation, widening of the blood vessels. This may cause skin discoloration, which typically lasts 1-4 days and will fade back to normal, depending on your body’s reaction. It is not painful or uncomfortable. If at anytime there is discomfort, please tell your therapist so they can adjust the treatment. To further assist in clearing up the stagnation and blockages cupping can be administered.

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