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Have you ever asked yourself what you can do supplement your massage visits? How you could reduce the pain? Alleviate a tight muscle that you just cannot reach?

Well, I am glad you asked. Here is an amazing product, a back massager, aka theracane. Where do you find this amazing contraption, on Amazon of course, found here. This is an inexpensive option to get to those hard to reach spots. It is also great so you do not have to keep pushing and make your hands hurt.

Here are 5 ways to use it

1. Trapezius

It is great to help fight those tight trapezius muscles. It is common in most jobs to obtain tight and tender muscles in the neck and back. As you can see, the trapezius is a large muscle. By releasing tension you may alleviate headaches, shoulder and neck pain, and gain more range of motion. For the upper trapezius put your back massager on the top. Then lean your head to the side. Repeat a few times. By stabilizing the muscle you will get more of a stretch, thus more relief. Next, move a little closer to the arm. Stabilize massager on the trapezius, and lean your head to the side again. Repeat. For the lower trapezius place on the back, pull, and hold.

trap  IMG_3547 IMG_3545

2. Rhomboids

Rhomboids are found in between the shoulder blades. It is common to find knots rolling around this muscle tissue. To break up the adhesion use your back massager. Put it directly on the knot or next to it if sensitive. Compress and hold about 7-12 seconds. Then repeat in the same area or surrounding tissue.

         rhomboids  IMG_3550 IMG_3556

3. Erector Spinae Muscles

Erector Spinae Muscles are long muscles that go along the spine. This group of muscles get a lot of abuse. This will help back pain every where. Compress, hold, release and repeat up and down the back near the spine. Remember to never use this tool on top of the spine. It will hurt and potentially damage it.

          erector spinae mus IMG_3552 IMG_3555

4. Gluteal Muscles

To help lower back pain and tight legs, use the back massager on the gluteal muscles. It will benefit to compress all muscle attachments in the upper, middle and lower part of the gluteal muscles. There are three you are trying to work loose, the gluteal maximus, medius and minimus. In the last picture there are many muscle attachments on the ischial tuberosity.

glut muscle IMG_0041 IMG_0043

5. Pectorals

Pectoral muscles are another common area that is often neglected. Computer desk jobs are notorious for causing rounded shoulders. Massage your pectoral major and minor with compression therapy to release this tight muscle. This will stop pulling the shoulders forward. Start with the clavicle connection and move along the sternum. Then press into the belly of the muscle to finish releasing the tension.

pecIMG_0035 IMG_0039


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