Workout Wednesday Medicine Ball For Lower Back Pain

A lot of people come to me because of their lower back pain. As a massage therapist I can help alleviate the pain, but if the client does not change certain behaviors, then the pain comes back. It is common for those who have lower back pain to sit the majority of the day. Whether it be at a desk, riding horses or driving, over the years the abdominal muscles are tightened and shortened. At the same time, the antagonist muscles, the lower back muscles, are elongated. Both muscles are now forming memory into an abnormal position. Since the back muscles are being pulled the most, they are the ones in pain. However, it is a common misconception that the back muscles are the problem. It is your abdominal muscles that are short and tight. By releasing the tension in the front, the back will relax. To build a strong core, the abs, you will notice an improvement in the back.

Now that you know why you have pain, you can form a fun workout routine to help reduce the pain in the future. Me personally, I DO NOT like crunches!!! Do not think abdominal workouts as boring. There are a lot of effective ways to build those muscles without straining your neck or lower back. One FUN example is with a medicine ball. This can be done anywhere. All you need is a ball and a floor.

You can find them in most stores or click on my affiliate links below to order from Amazon. Pick one that does not bounce. Depending on your body type and fitness level will depict the ball size that is right for you. Please note that the orange balls have a smaller circumference. I am small so it perfect for me.  The other options are your typical size.

8lb                                       10lb                                    15 lb slam ball

Here is a link to a 6 lb ball.                   Here is a link to a 10 lb ball.               Here is a link to a 15 lb ball


Watch my video on the medicine ball slam

workout wednesday (1)

Watch my video on the medicine ball twist.

Copy of workout wednesday


Watch my video on the medicine ball Lateral Flexion

lateral flexion

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