Alternative therapies promote natural healing by stimulating and reinforcing the body’s own mechanisms. Unlike some traditional western approaches, massage is not just a “band aid” attitude. Your environment is taken into account when forming a treatment plan. Your occupation, home life, and recreational activities all affect your well-being. Whether it is sports, repetitive movements from work or the celebration of a new baby, all muscles are affected. Muscles have memory and if enough tension exists it can alter bone positions.  That is why many doctors suggest massage as a coordinating therapy. Massage is used to establish a harmonious flow within the body. Results will vary depending on the consistency of treatments, prior incidences and how the body responds to massage. Everyone is different and that is why I will customize your treatment to you.



What are the benefits?

There are many benefits and modalities that to assist in all ages and companies. A few examples include less stress, increased circulation, improved range of motion, less muscular tension, decreased pain, assists in alleviating headaches, reduce spasms and cramps. Click here to learn more.

When should I avoid a massage?

Contraindications include fever, severe medical problems, and contagious conditions. Please ask your doctor if unsure if a massage is safe for you.

Can pregnant women receive massage?

YES! After your first trimester call to book yourself or a loved one a much deserved prenatal massage. If considered high risk or on bed rest get permission from your doctor.

Can children benefit from massage?

Absolutely! From infants to adults we all benefit. I offer fun classes on techniques to use starting with infants found here.

Why drink water after a massage?

During a massage your therapist can release metabolic waste. Water facilitates the toxins to emit themselves from the body. This is encouraged to avoid reattachment to the muscles. It is common to have a sudden influx of toxins released during a massage. If not excreted, some people have felt feel sick or sore. That is why many medical professionals suggest water after massage.

What is the proper clothing etiquette?

Your comfort level is important. During a chair massage you will remain fully clothed. For 30-60 minute sessions a table will be utilized. You will be covered by a sheet. Only the back, arms and legs will be exposed when the sheet is draped on the area being massaged.

Communication is Vital

Communicate with your therapist to maximize the benefits with problem areas and massage pressure. Too much pressure will exacerbate the muscle tissue. Too little pressure may reduce the medical benefits. Do not feel bad about requesting more time in a certain area or different amount of pressure. Your well being is my goal and I want you to feel comfortable.


Because I reserve a time especially for you, please give me at least 24 hours notice to avoid paying the full value of the service for any re-scheduling. 

I appreciate your understanding and trust you will adhere to the policy.