Ashley Sullivan

LMT 44867


Hi, my name is Ashley and I want to welcome you to Y Knot Massage. As a licensed massage therapist I wish to share my knowledge to improve your life and wellness. I grew up in Ocala, then moved to Jacksonville and received my massage license at Heritage Institute. Over the years I have worked in both spa and chiropractic settings providing extensive knowledge in numerous massage modalities. I am excited to open my office in a beautiful historic home near downtown.

You are my number one priority. I will give you the time and care you deserve. As a busy mom of three, I can empathize with those who put themselves last to make sure loved ones, jobs, school, home and businesses are taken care of first. My hope is for you to take time for YOU. My goal is to be a catalyst in understanding your physiological problems and ways to improve your life not only with massage, but therapeutic techniques to use at home.

I offer a membership, the Wellness Program, if interested in finding out more information about a cost effective way to receive treatments at least once a month.

As much as we all would love to come in once a week, it is not always feasible. Whether it is time or budget we cannot always make it. Which is why I started a blog and business page on Facebook. Follow me on Facebook to stay up to date on learning more about massage, techniques to use in between massage appointments, fun workout ideas to increase endurance, things to try (DIY, beauty, home, products, family), and on Friday I will feature a local business so you can find out who they are and what they offer.

     *Massage Monday-talks about massage
     *Technique Tuesday-ways to help your pain and tension
     *Workout Wednesday-Fun workouts
     *Try it out Thursday- new things to try
     *Feature Friday-Feature a local business

Besides my massage practice, I am borderline obsessed with Target and Starbucks. I LOVE going on Pinterest to get ideas. My new hobby consists of chalk paint, sand paper, Annie Sloan wax and anything that needs a new coat of paint. DIY projects are sooo much fun. I enjoy reading a book while my feet are buried in the sand at the beach. I dream of traveling to Ireland one day. I have three children and an amazing husband who puts up with my Pinterest DIYs. I feel very blessed and thankful for God, my family and coffee. All in that order!!! Feel free to read my blog post here for more of my story.