Massage Services

$70 Hour Session $40 Half Hour Session

Discounts available with Wellness Program


To relieve stress, produce comfort and alleviate muscular tension. This is the time to forget all your troubles and enjoy a relaxing Swedish massage.

Hot Stone Massage

Relax with heated basalt stones and feel your muscles melt away. Stones are places strategically along acupressure points to stimulate or sedate muscles. As those stones rest on those points I will use hot stones to massage another area of the body. This amazing modality is great to increase circulation from the heat of the stone, force tight and knotty muscles to relax from the weight and heat from the stones and most importantly allows your whole body and mind to unwind. Try this to reduce stress and for chronic pain.

Neuromuscular/Deep Tissue

Deep tissue therapy is designed to assess soft tissue abnormalities and create a treatment plan to normalize its function. Neuromuscular therapy is used in connection with the Central Nervous System. Trigger point therapy is incorporated to reduce referral patterns, reduce knots that have built up and increase range of motion. Stretching will be administered at the end of the massage. This will allow the muscle to elongate. Applying both modalities will benefit those with chronic pain, neurological pain affecting the muscles, ischemia (poor blood flow), postural distortions and biomechanical dysfunction from repetitive movements (usually from work).

Gua Sha and Cupping

Try this ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine technique to take your therapy session to the next level. Using a scraping "gua" technique to promote stagnant blood movement. It creates transitory therapeutic petechiae "sha" to assist in healing the body on a superficial and internal level. By breaking up stagnant blood, more oxygen in those blood cells can move making happier, healthier tissue. The "sha" color and meridian location depicts the issue. Cupping follows gua sha treatment to further the healing process. Neither method should be painful. Click here to find out more.

Pre and postnatal

A mother and mother to be deserves as much pampering as possible. After the first trimester she may benefit and take pleasure in a prenatal massage. This will aid in relaxation, improve circulation and sooth nerves.

Detox herbal wrap - Coming Soon!

Increase circulation and detox in relaxation with this healthy, noninvasive treatment. Unwind wrapped in warm muslin cloth infused in herbs that facilitate a natural body detox process by removing metabolic waste.

Add On Services


Enhance any therapy above with the power of 100% essential oils. Add this complimentary product to massage oil, lotion and or under your face cradle in a bowl of hot water adorned with basalt stones. This relaxing infusion will take your treatment to the next level.

Cucumber Eye Pads

Ask for cold cucumber eye pads every treatment to be added complimentary. Enjoy the benefits from these eye pads that are infused from these natural ingredients; extracts of Green Tea, Cucumber, Chamomile and Ginger. Your eyes will feel refreshed and revived.

Ear Candling   $20

A gentle pre and post massage around the ear to open up the sinus cavity. Ear candles are used to naturally purge wax from the lower ear canal. This treatment may enhance equilibrium; reduce minor ear or sinus problems. Ear candling will take approximately 20 minutes.  

Foot Rub n Scrub  $15

Rejuvenate fatigued feet. Moist sugar or salt scrub is applied to skin to naturally exfoliate your feet. A gentle massage will follow. Treatment is 20 minutes.

Headache and Sinus $20

20 minute treatment that focuses on your head and sinus area to relieve pressure that has built up. Scalp and face massage included. Whether you have seasonal allergies, neck and head tension or just like your head massaged, this treatment will benefit you. Acupressure points will be utilized on areas of tension to alleviate pressure. Effleurage strokes are used to drain built up fluids towards lymphatic flow.

Paraffin Dip $20

A nourishing treatment providing moisture to your hands or feet. Each treatment is a single use product. You will place your hand or foot into a warm glove of wax, sit back and relax for 10-15 minutes. The wax will easily roll off. This is an excellent option to do after a massage to enhance your treatment.