A healthy you, a better you

Your Wellness is my priority

not just a treat, but a treatment

Y knot create a healthy lifestyle plan for yourself?

Y knot right now?

This is the time for you. Bringing back and sustaining a healthy lifestyle is a lifelong journey. With this wellness program you are committing to at least one hour a month for yourself.

Alternative therapies promote natural healing by stimulating and reinforcing the body’s own mechanisms. Unlike some traditional western approaches, massage is not just a “band aid” attitude. Your environment is taken into account when forming a treatment plan. Your occupation, home life, and recreational activities all affect your well-being. Whether it is sports, repetitive movements from work or the celebration of a new baby, all muscles are effected. Muscles have memory and if enough tension exists it can alter bone positions.  That is why many doctors suggest massage as a coordinating therapy. Everyone is different which is why I will customize your treatment to you.

What YOU get

When joining Y Knot Massage Wellness Program you are taking a step forward for YOU and your healthy lifestyle. You can choose a six month commitment or a year commitment.

When you commit to at least one massage a month you receive these membership benefits

  • A discounted rate of $60 for a 60 minute massage session.

  • Young Living Essential oils

  • Cucumber eye pads

  • One add on service for free each month

  • A review of your progress every other month. This includes range of motion test, postural analysis picture update, and set new goals for future sessions.

If you cannot make it to your monthly appointment you can roll your massage session over to the next month (up to two months) or give to a family member or friend.

Automatic withdrawals will come out on the first of the month from your credit card of choice. If you need to cancel, please call three days before the withdrawal date.