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Hi, my name is Terry and I'd like to tell you about my personal experience with massage therapy. In 2006, I began my journey towards becoming a massage therapist. Once we got to the portion of the curriculum where I was receiving as well as giving massages, I realized the incredible impact frequent massage had on my body, mind and spirit. I learned to relax more and focus better. It improved my sleep quality, which gave me more energy and reduced my fatigue. I had issues with pain in my shoulders after years of heavy lifting. I was taught how to help relieve those trigger points while experiencing it first- hand. I thought "I want to do this for everyone." Now I embrace the fact that not only do I help people relax and relieve stress but I have an impact on easing their pain and improving their overall health. Unfortunately, people often consider massage as a luxury item. NOT SO! It is the most fundamental basis of optimal health. Massage has the power to improve your physical being, your personal image and your spiritual outlook.


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